Write on one side of the paper

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Write on one side of the paper

Whatsapp A scare article in the Guardian says that handwriting will soon disappear.

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In fact, in the last two years I have reverted to doing all my writing by hand as they no longer make the machines I like, and my eyes object to staring at a screen. My assistant, the angelic Mary, puts my scribbles on computer or disk. Being left-handed, I have to hold my pen in a funny way, as writing from left to right is unnatural to sinistrals.

I envy the Ancient Egyptians, who carved their hieroglyphs either way and wrote hieratic the written version from right to left.

write on one side of the paper

When I was writing my history of Ancient Egypt, my favourite book was Egyptian Grammar by Alan Gardiner, from which I learned hieroglyphs, and a little hieratic the commercial cursive, demotic, was much too difficult.

Gardiner not only knew more about these scripts than anyone who has ever lived, he also wrote a beautiful hieroglyphic hand. What kind of pen he used I do not know, as he died in and I never met him to ask. The old scribes of Memphis had to hold their instruments three inches from the end and were never allowed to rest the heel of their hand on the papyrus.

I sometimes use my Egyptian lore for birthday cards.

write on one side of the paper

I paint the limestone bust of Queen Nefertiti putting in the missing eye and have her speaking a balloon-message: Writing a book by hand is more fun than using a computer, and perhaps quicker in my case. I was taught copybook writing by a gifted Dominican nun who loved doing illuminated manuscripts in coloured inks and got me to develop a clear and rapid script.

You must skilfully direct a puddle of ink on to the surface, manipulating its flow to get tiny variations in form.

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You can cut the nib wide or narrow and make it as sharp or as blunt as you please — you can also vary the angle of the nib-tip, the way you hold the quill in the hand, and the angle of the surface. All these delightful variables make for complexity and explain the pleasure which a major artist like Matthew Paris got from writing his manuscripts in the 13th century.

And not only professionals. It is clear to me that Michelangelo, writing in the beautiful italic which Renaissance scholars had developed from the old Carolingian minuscule, loved writing.

So did Queen Elizabeth, though she used a different version of the script. Some of her giant signatures, dotted about state papers, are real works of art. She was a great mistress of the personal footnote, too, added to formal letters penned by her secretary, Robert Beale.

And she was up to the deadly tricks of Tudor England. As child and girl she had lived in the shadow of the Tower axe, then at its busiest. If she had to write a letter which might be used in evidence, and ended it halfway down the page, she would fill it with bold, vertical strokes, to prevent an intercepting enemy putting in treasonable matter in an imitation of her hand.

Looking at such a page, you can almost feel the anxious heartbeats in the lines. Handwriting is a mirror of the emotions, and in Chinese calligraphy the way the brush is used to convey thought-forms and even philosophical principles is a miracle of skill. We cannot aspire to such subtlety in the West.

All the same, a lot can be learned about the state of mind of the writer by a careful scrutiny of a holograph. How the big, heavy, moustachioed Norman sweated over that marvellous story!

He knew he was writing a masterpiece but, mon dieu!May 19,  · Or you can just print out the odd pages and then put the paper back in and print the even ones. [hr][/blockquote]He's not asking how to print on both sides of the page [hr][/blockquote] Yes I am.

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You MUST choose one side or the other when you write an argument paper! Don’t be afraid to tell others exactly how you think things should go because that’s what we expect from an argument paper.

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Draw a dark vertical line about 2 inches from the left side of the paper from the top to the horizontal line. A One Pager is simple one page document that gives a high-level overview of a product, service, or business.

They are great for promoting your business location, or giving a synopsis or a product to the person in charge of purchasing.

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It’s like the version of a brochure. There’s lots of. A scare article in the Guardian says that handwriting will soon disappear. Not so. In fact, in the last two years I have reverted to doing all my writing by hand as they no longer make the.

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