Mussolinis foreign policy essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Having risen to power earlier, in the s, Mussolini was the senior between the two and had a great influence on Hitler.

Mussolinis foreign policy essay

Mussolinis foreign policy essay

More Essay Examples on World War II Rubric Mussolini ordered Greece to apologise and pay 50 million lire in compensation for the death of the Italian official and though the Greeks paid part of the compensation, they did not apologise and Mussolini was not satisfied and seized the opportunity to invade the Greek island of Corfu.

Nevertheless Mussolini only withdrew after Greece paid full compensation.

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The Italian people saw the campaign as a huge success. Nevertheless, Mussolini knew that Italy was still too weak to ever challenge Britain and France over the Mediterranean.

Inan agreement was made between Mussolini and Yugoslavia over the port of Fiume, stating that is should go to Italy. As a result a diplomatic relationship was formed between the Yugoslavian government and the Italian fascist state, despite the fact that Mussolini was extremely anti-communist.

Britain also gave in and agreed to give Mussolini the Jubaland, and some territory on the Egyptian borders to Italy. This was the land, which Italy believed should have been rightfully given to them in the Treaty of Versailles.

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Mussolini had now established a respected position among the European powers, and so this was a great success for his foreign policy. Mussolini attended a meeting in Locarno, inwhich sought to guarantee the existing boundaries between Germany, France and Belgium.

Though he failed, Mussolini managed to raise his status as a European leader during this time and offered the role of acting as a joint sponsor and liaison of the Pact with Britain, which secured the Belgian- German and Franco- German borders.

InMussolini called the major powers of Europe together. The German, French, British and Italian leaders met to discuss the creation of rival organisation to the League of Nations. One of the reasons for this was due to the incident with Greece.

Mussolini was angry that the League of Nations had intervened. Mussolini saw the Pact as a jump start in creating the Italian empire Mussolini had longed for through claiming Austria and the Balkans.

Mussolinis foreign policy essay

Mussolini believed that forming an alliance with Britain and France would persuade them to hand over the Mediterranean to Italy: It is destined that the Mediterranean should become ours, that Rome should be the directing city of civilisations in the whole of Western Europe.

In order for Mussolini to create an empire he needed Germany to remain weak, but once Hitler came to power, Germany grew much too fast for Mussolini.

In AprilBritain, France and Italy, the wartime allies, attended the Stresa conference to discuss measures against Hitler, after he broke the terms of the Treaty. They all agreed to band together and prevent further expansion attempts by Hitler, yet the agreement was never signed.

He was determined to take revenge for the humiliating defeat at Adowa in The war was fought on a large scale despite the fact in reality it was a reasonably small-scale war.

Mussolini’s Foreign Policy Essay Sample

As a result Italy used up a huge amount of their resources and it was very costly. Abyssinia was conquered in and king Emmanuel was crowned emperor.Cuba’s Foreign Relations website effectively expresses their state foreign policy.

The major issues consuming the Cuban Foreign relations Ministry are illustrated in their 20 February press statement regarding the recent Cuba-United States discussions.

Mussolini’s foreign policy has caused nearly as many debates as that of Hitler.

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Whilst some feel that he had a coherent plan, many feel he merely was an opportunist who “was simply seeking to exploit the mayhem which he had helped to unleash”1 in order to further his and Italy’s image. How Effective was Mussolini’s Foreign Policy From Essay Sample Benito Mussolini, the proud Fascist dictator, came to power in His initial aim was to increase the prestige of Italy showing him to be a great statesman and liberal leader.

Canadian Foreign Policy Essay Words | 12 Pages. Canadian Foreign Policy Introduction As the 20th century comes to an end, Canada is a transcontinental nation whose interests and representatives span the face of the globe and extend into every sphere of human behaviour.

Mussolini’s foreign policy aimed to revise the Paris peace settlement., increase influence in the Balkans and Mediterranean and to expand Italy’s overseas colonial empire. In Mussolini achieved one of these aims by taking over Abyssinia, this increased his colonial empire.

In the words of Richard Lamb, ‘British policy threw Mussolini into Hitler's arms’. A study of the foreign policy of both dictators therefore highlights at least as .

Mussolini's Foreign Policy | Essay Example