Business plan drafters salary

NVEE is a provider of professional and technical engineering and consulting solutions to public and private sector clients in the infrastructure, energy, construction, program management and environmental markets. The selected candidate will provide leadership, strategic planning, staff development and business development within the water resources market sector. Responsibilities The selected candidate will be responsible for the following: NV5 provides equal employment opportunities EEO to all applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.

Business plan drafters salary

I hear certain jobs being referred to as "exempt" or "non-exempt. There are certain types of jobs which are explicitly exempt from either any protection under the FLSA including its minimum wage, child labor, and record-keeping provisions or just the FLSA's overtime provisions.

They include the following types of jobs: Exempt from all FLSA coverage: Employees of certain seasonal amusement or recreational establishments; Employees of certain small newspapers and switchboard operators of small telephone companies; Seamen employed on foreign vessels; Employees engaged in fishing operations; Employees engaged in newspaper delivery; Farm workers employed on small farms i.

See questions below for more information. Exempt from FLSA overtime coverage: Certain commissioned employees of retail or service establishments; Auto, truck, trailer, farm implement, boat or aircraft salespersons employed by non manufacturing establishments primarily engaged in selling these items to ultimate purchasers; Auto, truck, or farm implement parts clerks and mechanics employed by non manufacturing establishments primarily engaged in selling these items to ultimate purchasers; Railroad and air carrier employees, taxi drivers, certain employees of motor carriers, seamen on American vessels, and local delivery employees paid on approved trip rate plans; Announcers, news editors and chief engineers of certain non metropolitan broadcasting stations; Domestic service workers who reside in their employers' residences; Employees of motion picture theaters; and Farmworkers.

business plan drafters salary

If you have one of these types of jobs, you may not be eligible for overtime pay. My job is not specifically excluded from FLSA coverage. Does this mean I am eligible to collect overtime? Employees otherwise subject to the FLSA's protections can still be considered "exempt," and ineligible for overtime protection, if both of the following criteria are met: For more information on these two subjects, please see the questions below.

What does it mean to be paid on a "salary basis? For example, if you are paid on a salary basis, you get paid the same if you work 10, 30, 39, 40, or 46 hours per week or any other number of hours.

These values will go into effect December 1, Whether an employee is paid on a salary basis is not affected by whether pay is expressed in hourly terms as this is fairly common in many payroll computer programsbut whether the employee is in fact paid a "guaranteed minimum" amount that is not subject to being docked based on the quality or quantity of work performed.

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With a few exceptionssalaried employees cannot have their salary reduced based on the "quality or quantity" of work performed. Also, if the employee is ready, willing and able to work, deductions may not be made for time when work is not available, such as, for example, weather or security-related facility closures.

If an employer makes improper deductions to an exempt employee's salary, it may destroy the "salary basis" of pay and may make the employee nonexempt and entitled to overtime.

Employees whose salary is "subject to" reduction for reasons inconsistent with the salary basis of pay may no longer be considered under the law to be paid on a salary basis. Thus, if an employer actually does dock employee salaries, or if there is a specific employment policy requiring reductions in salaries in specified situations, the employer may destroy the salary basis of pay.

For more information, see question 6. The salary basis pay requirement for exempt status does not apply to some of the "learned professions," such as lawyers, doctors, or school teachers. These jobs are exempt even if the employees are paid hourly. This amount has not changed with the new overtime law.

Further, the FLSA also allows some exempt employees to be paid on a fee basis, but this is a fairly rare circumstance. Nondiscretionary bonuses and incentive payments are forms of compensation promised to employees to encourage them to work more efficiently or remain with the company.

Examples of these bonuses which may now satisfy a percent of the standard salary test are: This new salary threshold will be updated every three 3 years to account for inflation. The goal is to maintain a level at the 40th percentile of full-time salaried workers in the lowest-wage Census region.

The first salary threshold update will be January 1, My employer pays me a salary.Drafters use software to convert the designs of engineers and architects into technical drawings. Most workers specialize in architectural, civil, electrical, or mechanical drafting and use technical drawings to help design everything from microchips to skyscrapers.

Drafting Salaries provided anonymously by employees. What salary does a Drafting earn in your area? Architectural Drafter Jobs Architectural Drafter Job Description.

Salary/Income. Drafters make a reasonable amount of money. Median annual pay is around $50, The lowest paying architectural drafting jobs pay around $33, Overall, drafters make a satisfactory living.

Drafting is . Drafter salary is full-time annual starting salary. Intern, contractor and hourly pay scale vary from regular exempt employee. Compensation depends on work experience, job . Lee Hsien Loong (Chinese: 李显龙; Tamil: லீ சியன் லூங்; born 10 February ) is a Singaporean politician serving as the third and current Prime Minister of Singapore since He took over the leadership of the People's Action Party (PAP) when former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong stepped down from the position to become the new Senior Minister.

A certification is an award you earn to show that you have specific skills or knowledge in an occupation, industry, or technology. Earning a certification can help you qualify for jobs.

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